The delicate grapes are hand-picked in the early morning between the last days of August and the beginning of September. The grapes are packed into baskets with a total weight of 5 kilos. The grapes are de-stemmed and subject to pre-fermentation peel infusion where they have contact with peels for 24 hours at low temperature. Then grapes are pressed in an inert atmosphere, decanted and fermented. The second fermentation is carried out using the Charmat method at 14 °C.

Tasting notes and food-wine combinations

An elegant perlage, bright straw-yellow color with lively golden highlights. At nose, floral hints with fruity suggestions of peach and citrus fruits. At the palate is fragrant and gently semidry with fruity notes, with a pleasant almond aftertaste. Served at a temperature of 8 °C, in a glass with a wide opening (the classic cup) it can be enjoyed alone or served with all types of desserts and biscuits, with compositions based on fruits and special sweet-and-sour preparations.

6,5% vol – 75 cl