Abruzzo is the green region of Europe with almost 40% of its territory protected by three national parks and a natural regional park, twenty five natural regional reserves and almost as many oasis, which contribute to conserve the many species of flora and fauna which make the different local realities so extraordinary. In the morning it often occurs to see the foot prints of many friends who have gone for a walk inside the farms and family estates.
The most cumbersome is surely the wild pig/boar, but just as persistent are the foxes, hares and roebuck. A few kilometers away it is possible to walk along a “look-out pathway” to view the Appenine wolf and the Mariscan bear, as well as the chamois and reindeers.
During the day it isn’t rare to hear the call of the pellegrine hawk which echoes between the rocks, the call of the hawks in late spring, as, it isn’t rare to observe for endless moments the majestic flight of the golden Eagle.
At night the vineyards rest, under which there are the imperceptible movements of the owls.